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New! - Street Smart Kids "Common Sense For The Real World"

Giving Back is the ultimate show of appreciation for your good life, not just for the material things that you have accumulated in your life, but for the many incredible gifts that you have been blessed with, the gifts that money simply cannot buy!
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Billy 'Bulldog' Brown

In this down to earth book, parent and soccer coach Gordon Myers shares the wonderful insight into what makes young boys and girls playing soccer tick. The refreshing revelation is that all kids are quite similar as they grow and that wanting to really just have fun is quite evident. It is most often their own parents that take the child out of their children. Kids mess up, get excited, do like winning, care less about losing and do bounce right back as one might hope that they will. » Read More

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"It has been a couple of years since you coached my youngest son, Evan. As you know, he is a wonderful child with many interests outside of sports. He has grown up with an older brother and sister who are both gifted athletes, Josh in baseball and Rachel in soccer (although she moved onto dance). Your soccer team was composed of a group of good kids who happened to be pretty good in soccer. That being said, you brought out the best in them and brought them to the championship. But, that is not what I will remember of you. What I remember most is a warm, enthusiastic coach that put my son in the game when the game was on the line, and he succeeded. You didn't have to do it, and the vast majority of coaches would not have - but you did - and he succeeded. He actually scored a goal. It was a season I will never forget - and it was because of you. You were a truly inspirational and fine coach - one of a kind. Best of luck and best regards". Barry B.

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