How has the World Changed for Kids?

Here are a few areas to consider?

  1. How the world has changed for kidsYou will less likely to be offered a “traditional” job and trusted to earn your keep like in the old days.
  2. You will most likely and more often be paid for performance; no results no compensation.
  3. There are tens of thousands of people all over the world that will work for far less money than you expect, they may be far more educated but they are going after the same jobs that you are.
  4. Higher education will no longer be a guarantee of success, just a foot in the door if you are lucky, then you will have to impress.
  5. You will have to exceed expectations when it comes to accountability, reliability and trustworthiness. Employers are tired of flakes.
  6. Most of what your parents know about getting and keeping a steady job today won’t help you much.
  7. Advances in technology will most likely alienate you if you don’t make the required effort to keep up.
  8. Becoming anti-establishment is not the same as thinking outside the box.
  9. People are far less patient than before and your 30 seconds to make a good impression is now more like 15 seconds or less, especially if your appearance is startling or unusual.
  10. You will most likely realize many important things to improve the quality of your life when it’s too late.
  11. The future is not what it used to be.
  12. The experience that you create and leave behind for others is your new business card.

 What might one do about this?

  1. Stop ignoring important information immediately.
  2. Get a grip on reality.
  3. Become “self-ish”, starting today.


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