Welcome to StreetSmartKids!

At StreetSmartKids, you will learn from other people's mistakes and experiences, both good and not so good!

 Save some of the time, the cost, the misery, and the pain of learning the hard way!

This is simply for all ordinary kids who would not mind being a little extraordinary.

Kids today are learning faster, much faster than did previous generations. Unfortunately, it's many of the things that will least likely give them any advantage in life.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll at age 9 is hardly what parents were expecting when signing up to raise kids in our modern world. It is seemingly unstoppable, the media is educating our kids outside of the classroom far faster and in far greater depth than parents want to believe or actually realize. Is it somewhat controllable?

StreetSmartKids is stepping up to the challenge of slowing things down a little and helping to educate kids about how things usually work in the big wide world. Kids will learn some of the skills required not only to face up to, but to understand and work around the rules and regulations of our multi-faceted society. They must understand why it is that there are rules, from a practical point of view. They will learn to make more decisions objectively using logic and have a better understanding of "why".

Children will be offered many ideas on how to conduct and control themselves in order to take advantage of growing up in a balanced environment while positioning themselves securely in their own world despite the many dangerous influences surrounding them.
Those advocating coolness and acceptance by encouraging anti-establishment behavior is typically a way to get kids to spend their money on things that usually lead to nowhere!

One of our goals is to minimize the infatuation with promises of instant gratification that could easily result in a pool of regret in later years. It is not that hard to believe that not all parents are equipped or have the time to protect their children from the elements of our overwhelmingly racy society. The risks of raising un-productive kids is huge and sadly the odds are not stacked favorably towards children growing up in the USA today!

Typically, kids are learning from their parents, their teachers, the media, their friends and their friend's parents. Not having had too many real life experiences of their own, kids can benefit greatly from the real life experiences, success and failures of those who grew up before them. With this innovative approach, come teachings not found in even in the greatest academic institutions of our nation.

This form of education is by no means a replacement for school and college but certainly an invaluable addition. It is currently an underestimated and underappreciated opportunity will leave every kid a little wiser and a little more confident that they own and operate a "safe place" in the ever competitive 21st century.

StreetSmartKids will not only enrich the lives of kids but their parents too!

There is no need to wait to get StreetSmart!

The rest of the Journey Continues Today!

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Sound Familiar?  "College Graduates: Still Jobless after all these years!"
Have a MBA, will wait on tables.

Being StreetSmart can only help!

THE ^*#%!* MEDIA!!!

The media is teaching today's youth what to think ...to often steering them directly to the dark side of life. . Family values are often obliterated by the magnetism of today's lifestyle choices. Lack of life experience and naivity can lead a young adult down the wrong path , it is best not to leave any child's mind unattended.

StreetSmartKids will share valuable tools taken from real life on the streets and prove how powerful it is to learn from practical experience using common sense and logic.

Children, if life aware, may be given incredible opportunities in life that could make an invaluable difference forever!

Why not give them an edge to beat the counterproductive information driven into their brains daily by the media.

Lifestyle choices are learned along the way.

Improve the chances that children's lives will be richer by learning from the good and not so good, experiences of others.

It not just books today!

Disclaimer: There is no expressed or implied indication that any information contained herein can be considered as medical or psychological advice whatsoever and those children with or without social challenges will be helped in any way. All claims and material offered by SteetSmartKids.Com in any and all forms are to be considered as motivational material only.